TeamAgenda Quick Overview


  • TeamAgenda Mobile now part of regular TeamAgenda Pro.
  • TeamAgenda Mobile Use your PDA to access your office data in real-time from anywhere, anytime.
  • Use Apple iPad and iPhone
  • Use iCal
  • Organize your schedule and to-do list
  • Manage personal and company contacts
  • Drag and drop functionality
  • Delegate tasks
  • Search by date, due date, item type, title, comments or color
  • Sort commitments by category, title, scheduled date, or due date
  • View multiple schedules
  • Create meetings
  • Manage company resources and public schedules
  • Updated user interface on Mac and Windows
  • Connect to your team using a direct Internet connection
  • Save any combination of windows for one or several users
  • Instantly recall worksheets
  • Produce billable reports, timesheets, project plans or cost center data
  • Chart daily, weekly or monthly data
  • Easily search and display individual users and contacts
  • Create public and private subgroups
  • Display multiple schedules easily
  • Import and export data
  • Cross platform
  • Group scheduler
  • Group calendaring
  • Group resource manager


The difference between TeamAgenda Pro Lite and Web


TeamAgenda is both a personal organizer and a multi-user scheduling planner for the Windows, Macintosh, and World Wide Web environments.

TeamAgenda comes in four versions:

TeamAgenda Lite provides the tools you need to manage your schedule, and the schedules of your whole team. TeamAgenda's calendar windows, To-Do list, Address Book and Custom List window make it easy to coordinate your group.

TeamAgenda Pro provides added features, including the Task Manager and the Workload window, worksets and templates. TeamAgenda Pro includes web access to your calendar.

TeamAgenda Web works with TA-Server to let you access TeamAgenda data from a web browser. It provides the essential tools to manage your schedule and organize your group. TeamAgenda Web is available both as a standalone, web-only version of TeamAgenda, and as an optional module that you can add to TeamAgenda Pro.

TeamAgenda Mobile is the perfect tool for mobile professionals. It provides you the power of real-time interactive mobile collaboration anytime, and anywhere you need it, from your wireless PDA.

Using any version of TeamAgenda you can:

Plan Your Schedule...

TeamAgenda provides the sophisticated tools you need to plan your schedule, track your workload and manage your contacts.

Work with a Team...

TeamAgenda's powerful TA-Server software lets you share your schedule with other team members, and have access to their schedules to plan meetings and delegate tasks.

Send Meeting Notifications to Contacts by E-Mail...

Include any non-team member with an Internet e-mail address in a TeamAgenda meeting. Contacts receive a meeting request and are notified of changes automatically.

Manage your resources

Using TeamAgenda, you can manage conference rooms, equipments, vehicles and\or any other materiel resources

Manage your team member's vacations

TeamAgenda allows you to create one common calendar where all your team members can make vacation proposals and they will receive the responsible approbation directly in their own calendars.

Using TeamAgenda Web you can:

Access your schedule anywhere you can access the World Wide Web...

Whether you are in the office, on the road or working at home, your schedule, to-do list, address book and team are always available. You can also publish public calendars on the Web.

Using either TeamAgenda Lite or Pro you can:

Work in the Office and on the Road...

Connect to your Team over the Internet...

TeamAgenda is Internet ready, and team members can use any TCP/IP connection to connect their personal agenda to their TeamAgenda server.

Synchronize with Mac iCal and MS Outlook

If you use TeamAgenda Pro you can also:

Manage Projects and Tasks

The Task Manager and the Workload window help you organize TeamAgenda information by category or project for planning or reporting purposes. You can also print you timesheet.

Use Worksets

Worksets let you save and name any combination of TeamAgenda windows for yourself or others and recall them easily.

Use Templates

Templates let you store commitments, print settings, and import and export settings for future use.

Access your Schedule using a Web Browser...

If your organization has a World Wide Web server, TeamAgendaWeb can be added to your TeamAgenda Pro system to let you consult and modify your schedule from a web browser, and publish public calendars on the Web.


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