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Teamsoft products help you solve some of your organization's most common problems : keeping track of your people and facilities, and keeping spam and viruses out.

Now TeamAgenda is even more useful to you because it can synchronize with almost any portable device, including Palm, Pocket PC, Blackberry, and many mobile phone. TeamAgenda also allows your iCal users to access TeamAgenda STS server directly and get the benefits of group scheduling using thier normal iCal functionality. TeamAgenda also synchronizes with Microsoft Outlook, and with Apple iSync to fit even better into mixed computing environment.

TeamAgenda provides a family of three group-scheduling solutions to fit every need and budget.

TeamAgenda Mobile:

This is the perfect tool for mobile professionals.

TeamAgenda Mobile provides you the power of real-time interactive mobile collaboration anytime, and anywhere you need it, from your wireless PDA.

Mobile professionals and managers can use TeamAgenda Mobile, to easily:

  • check, and modify their own schedule, to-do lists, contact lists in real-time
  • check, assign and change their staff's schedules in real-time
  • check their corporate contact lists at any time
  • see real-time changes to their meetings made by team members or office staff
  • schedule meetings with their staff, and their customers in real-time
  • reserve corporate resources in real-time and more.

Supervisors and dispatchers can use TeamAgenda, to easily:

  • assign work to mobile workforce
  • provide them with customer contact information
  • assign expected time duration to be completed work
  • specify what is to be done
  • get real-time feedback on how long actual work took to complete
  • produce resource utilization reports
  • produce billing reports for invoicing
  • issue updates and receive actual feedback in real-time

TeamAgenda Mobile is an easy solution to install and roll out.

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TeamAgenda  Pro:

Combine TeamAgenda group scheduling with project , workload management and timesheets production, reusable worksets and templates.  TeamAgenda Pro is the answer for organizations needing complete, integrated group scheduling and resource management on the desktop, plus internet browsing. Click here to request pricing information.

TeamAgenda  Lite:

Lite version incorporates all of TeamAgenda's renowned group scheduling power including; multiple calendar formats, integrated address book and to-do list, notifications and alarms, PDAs synchronization and much more. TeamAgenda Lite is aimed at workgroups who require proven group scheduling capacities in a sophisticated desktop client environment or through a direct internet connection. Click here to request pricing information.

TeamAgenda  Web:

Manage your calendar and to-do list, set up meetings, and organize your contacts with an easy-to-use solution for your Intranet or the Internet. With no client software to install, your team members can access TeamAgenda Web anywhere they can use a web browser. TeamAgenda Web is ideal for any organization that needs easy, affordable and powerful web-based group scheduling. Click here to request pricing information.

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