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Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus

Teamsoft Anti-Spam & Anti-Virus (ASAV) product is a simple solution to your Spam and Virus problems

Like other Teamsoft products, this one is easy to use and is effective immediately.

Teamsoft ASAV is meant for organizations of all sizes, which have problems with spam email and viruses carried by email.

If you are currently overwhelmed by spam, you will immediately notice a dramatic reduction. In some cases, it will be completely eliminated. Email viruses are equally effectively eliminated.

You have no hardware or software to install in your environment, and no configuration changes to make on your PCs. Your end-users have nothing to do and will immediately notice a dramatic reduction in spam and email viruses. .

The service is hosted by Teamsoft so there is nothing for you to do other than register the email-ids that you wish to subscribe to this service.

Teamsoft takes care of the rest.

The whole registration process and minimal configuration is done entirely between your staff in charge of email and our network staff.

C ontact Teamsoft for a service fact sheet and a pricing quote.

Teamsoft ASAV for email Service Providers

If you are a network email service provider and your customers are complaining about email spam and viruses, Teamsoft ASAV is a simple solution for you to offer as a value added service.

There is no work on your part other than register their email ids with Teamsoft. We do the rest.

Contact Teamsoft for a service fact sheet and a pricing quote for email Service Providers.


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