TeamAgenda has always been attractive to Educational organizations of all types

General Education

TeamAgenda allows schools to use whatever computer platform they like and can be used for many tasks that minimize the administration costs on tight school budgets .

It is popular with Universities and university research departments, as well as with individual schools and school boards.

TeamAgenda is used heavily in all school environments to:

  • Prepare school management schedules
  • Prepare teaching staff schedules
  • Prepare class schedules
  • Schedule special school facilities
  • Schedule special school events
  • Easily produce reports on class sizes and class participation

Special Education Environments

Because of TeamAgenda's powerful ability to schedule special school resources and activities, TeamAgenda is very popular in Special Education environments, where there is a greater need to carefully schedule specialists than in an ordinary educational setting.

TeamAgenda can be used in a Special Education Environment to:

  • Schedule Professionals (psychologists, social workers, educational specialists, audiologists, physiotherapists, etc.) to specific students or groups of students
  • Sort multiple classes by ability level instead of age 
  • Schedule specialized education streams, specialized testing and fundraising activities
  • Build various programs

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