Information Technology

IT Consulting companies have many of the same characteristics as accounting, legal and engineering firms

IT consulting staff is matched to client requirements and often sent to the client location.

Tracking engagements for one or more team members is easy to do with TeamAgenda.

Using TeamAgenda, it is easy to see the current and upcoming load of each consultant as well as calculating load statistics.

It is simple to see when consultant engagements end, and when they will need new assignments to minimize bench time and resulting overhead costs.

It is easy to publish their availability to the assignment manager or account manager so that he/she can maximize revenue. In addition, it is easy to schedule future sales calls to clients, and easy to share this information with management as well as with sales and marketing staff.

Load reports can be generated at any time.

As always, internal staff meetings can also be scheduled, and corporate facilities and resources such as projectors, conference rooms, etc. can be managed at the same time.


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